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Nursing Resume Sample

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❶Last post Ruby Vee. Addressed a wide range of different types of medical matters during time at school.

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Why Is This a Good School Nurse Resume Sample?
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School Nurse

Article Poll by cacranch Jun Lpn to Rn resume help. Ready for new job, need help with resume. How to list device training? Be the first to reply. Last post Joe V. Switching paths, need advice! LPN to RN graduate resume question.

From fulltime to perdiem on resume. This includes designing it in a comprehensive way that will not confuse the ATS. We recommend the following design and formatting features:. Many experts believe this strikes the perfect balance of text to white space. You may think a justified alignment looks tidier, but it can leave uneven gaps between words and ultimately make text harder to read.

In the nursing profession, length should not be the focus of the resume. While we recommend pages, some nurses may have resumes with 3 or more pages. If the resume is slightly over the page amount by a few lines try changing the margin, font style, font size or shortening statements.

Bottom line is, it should look visually appealing and should include keywords. However, this is your personal preference. Take note that Times New Roman can be difficult to read if it is smaller than 11pt.

Notice how the two following statements look vastly different with different font style both at 11pt:. Experienced Travel Nurse with 8 years experience in critical care nursing. Experienced Travel Nursing with 8 years experience in critical care nursing. Throughout the resume, there should be different sized fonts.

We recommend the following for each section:. We recommend keeping the resume very simple. Basic bullet points black dot may be used when desired. Simple lines are acceptable as well. This is the first section on the resume and does not require a title.

Your name should be front and center. While there are varying opinions on the exact placement of the name, we recommend a simple classic version in the following format:. We suggest setting your name to a size font, the name should also be bolded. If you go by a different name make sure to list both names on the resume. The preferred order is: Highest degree earned, Licensure, State designations, National Certification.

We advise omitting the street address as a security precaution. However, this is a personal decision. Yes, some employers will actually text their candidates. Make sure to indicate if you receive texts and whether the phone number is a cell phone or home phone. Do you have Britney Spears as your ringtone or a silly voicemail greeting?

Make sure you have an appropriate email address. Better yet, create a totally separate email account and use it only for your job search. If you have a LinkedIn profile definitely include it.

Now is the time to create one! Social media and online presence, side note. Many Recruiters tell us that looking a candidate up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are one of the first things they do.

So, make sure everything you post online is what you would want an employer to see. Additionally, online behavior can benefit you. Do you have a nursing related website or blog? Are you an Instagram celebrity? Maybe you created a successful YouTube channel when you were a newbie nurse?

Include all this on your resume if it relates to nursing. This is all part of your unique brand! Tell them right off top exactly why you are the best candidate for the role. Every position is unique and this is your first opportunity to optimize the resume for ATS and to also catch the employers eye. Spend a little time to target it and to let your qualifications and accomplishments shine.

While there is some debate about how to introduce your resume, we suggest using a professional summary as opposed to a career objective. The professional summary can be formatted in either a short paragraph or a bulleted list asserting qualifications and providing a concise career snapshot. Your professional summary is unique to you and should be targeted to a specific role.

However, it could definitely include the following information:. Proactively streamlines operations, initiating tasks and supporting healthcare team, while prioritizing excellent patient care. Champions patient and family education by providing compassionate, inclusive care that encourages self-sufficiency. Recipient of the Daisy Award. It is a common mistake to list skills last on a resume, with the popularity of ATS this mistake could cost you an interview.

This is especially true in nursing as the profession requires very specific skills. Skills should be directly targeted to the role as it is expressed in the job description. Is the employer asking for a specific EMR that you are experienced with?

Are you an expert at starting IVs? This should not be a generic list of skills but, a specific list that is as quantified as much as possible. Why is this important? This is all public information and can be looked up by anyone. By including these details, you are setting yourself apart. Registered Nurse - California, RN, expires: Employers want to know what you can do for them, period.

What are they looking for? Evidence, facts, quantifiable points…proof to support the assertions made in the introduction. Vague work histories are particularly frustrating to employers. List experience in reverse chronological order. Take note, if you have a lengthy employment history, you may consider only including the most recent 15 years experience.

University of San Francisco. Communicating Professional Knowledge Strong clinical skills and knowledge Strong medical skills and knowledge Comfortable working with developmentally disabled student Strong computer proficiency Strong attention to detail Knowledge of District policies and procedures as they apply to health services Great interpersonal skills Highly organized Able to multitask efficiently and effectively.

Read our complete resume writing guides. New Jersey State Registered Nurse License years of experience in a nursing role Excellent knowledge of medical and clinical principles Pediatrics experience. Prior experience with pediatrics Previous experience with a preschool special education population Understanding and experience in community health practices. Demonstrates fundamental knowledge of general medical procedures and appropriately implements procedures to assess and address both routine health concerns and those involving medical crisis Maintains and distributes medication to students and clients Maintains necessary documentation of all health records for students, clients, and staff; medication logs documenting distribution of prescription and or doctor prescribed OTC medication.

Compliant with HIPAA regulations Provides staff training regarding safety and hazardous material and provides training specific to individuals with specialized needs severe allergies, seizure disorder etc. Collaborates with professionals and parents on medical issues related to students with autism Teachers, physicians etc. Proof of eligibility to work in the United States Current and unrestricted LPN license to practice in the state for which you are applying Current Continuing Education if required by state Diploma or certificate from state accredited LPN program Demonstrated proficiency in clinical skills, documentation and compliance with nursing care and policies and procedures Additional state specific requirements.

Enforcing and following School Board Policy for head-lice screenings, detection, school dismissal, and clearance for returning to school Screening for hearing and vision as clinic flow allows Accurately documenting services provided in accordance with agency policies and procedures on the day of the services are rendered.

Will be deployed by the Assistant Director of Health Services to schools on an as needed basis.

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Aug 10,  · Becoming a public school nurse can be a rewarding career, but first you need a well-written resume to help your skills, experience, and personality shine.4/4(1).

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Find the best School Nurse resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

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Do you know what to include in your Public School Nurse resume? View hundreds of Public School Nurse resume examples to learn the best format, verbs, and fonts to use. It makes me so excited that the last time I posted my resume I was job seeking as a new grad and here I am over a year later with actual job experience!:cat: Okay on to the important stuff: I.

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Use the school nurse resume sample and the writing tips provided to strengthen your resume and help it become a document that will encourage further consideration from a recruiter. Costly School Nurse Resume Mistakes To Avoid. Nov 06,  · School Nurse Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview/5(5).