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Kindle: How you can make a million writing your own e-book

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Luckily, we have a marketplace for that! Bring in expert assistance, and work with them directly on your manuscript. These advanced features are coming soon!

For more information, check out our FAQ. Authors and publishers no longer need to rely on expensive typesetting processes. Now you can produce a beautiful book in seconds, for free! Create your free Reedsy account to browse hundreds of professional profiles. Sign up with facebook or G o o g l e. A beautiful production tool that takes care of the formatting and conversion, before you have even finished writing.

Edit With a professional. Amazon has provided a useful video and step-by-step guide kdp. The overwhelming advice offered by the experts is to keep your price as low as possible.

You can reduce this to 49p if you put it on Smashwords and hope Amazon price-match it, which is what happened with Killing Cupid. What takes considerably longer is the all-important process of getting your book noticed. Most experts agree that it is vitally important to build a backlist — in an ideal world, you would have a series of novels already written that you could offer your readers. Create your own website and blog creatively, advises Locke, who claims to have invented a guaranteed method of marketing an e-bestseller.

Then he recommends posting a series of short and infrequent blogs to your target audience — people who not only follow you on social networking sites but are also ideal readers. The idea is to attract readers to your website, where you can then engage them on an individual level until finally they begin to correspond by Twitter, Facebook and email. He ran a Twitter search for Penn State and found hundreds of people tweeting about a forthcoming game.

He picked the first and sent each one a direct message with the title of his blog and a link to it. When he publishes a new book, Locke sends out an email to his fans announcing its arrival and asks them to spread the word. After several days the book shoots into the top Traditional media are also good for spreading the word about your book — ask your local newspaper if they would be interested in running an interview with you. Word-of-mouth recommendation is the key to success.

So is it possible to become a Kindle millionaire? I paid one dollar 62p for that disc, and it was exactly two minutes and 17 seconds long. Now, 50 years later, you can download my entire self-published e-book, Vegas Moon, on your Kindle for much the same sum. Thanks to the internet, I can sell my e-books at a tenth of the price of big-name authors — a pretty good deal for readers.

Good enough in fact to make me the first self-published author to sell a million copies on Kindle. All without an agent or a traditional publishing contract. I began writing at the age of At this point I just wondered if I could compose a story. Donovan Creed, the anti-hero in my thrillers, came out of those sketches. Self-publishing was the only route I considered.

I never tried to interest a literary agent or publisher. I saw no reason why a publisher would take on an unknown author without experience or sales. So from day one, I decided to market the books myself. I figured if I could build 10, loyal readers, I might attract an agent. I wanted to create a new genre: Simple books with complex characters, minimal descriptive elements, outrageous scenes and dialogue that keeps the pages turning.

Fast, breezy novels people want to take on holiday or read to unwind after a stressful day. The Donovan Creed series are just that. Lethal People was my first novel. It came out in February in hard copy through a vanity publisher, who charged me for the privilege of editing, designing and printing my efforts.

Simple books with complex characters Now I needed to market it. I decided to buy advertising space in a mall in Louisville, Kentucky, in front of a bookshop. After the advert had been up for a week, I strolled into the bookshop and offered the manager ten copies of Lethal People, which they could sell and keep all the proceeds. You might have noticed my sign out front. The store is no longer there. I tried other advertising: I sent out , press releases. If I bought the pitch, I got great service.

I had heard about e-books, and when I learned I could earn 35 per cent selling a 62p book and get my books published in a day, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I could go it alone. It seemed I was going to be the guy with unsold e-books in his virtual garage.

Then in November , I wrote a blog that got more than 5, hits in a day. The emails started coming in and I began corresponding with my readers. Their enthusiasm for my books was off the charts. Interest was spreading by word of mouth. By March , I had generated nearly , sales from all the sources.

There was a buzz that I might be the first self-published author to hit a million sales on Kindle. For decades publishing houses have been the only path from author to reader, and self-published authors have been ridiculed. But the rules of the game changed.

Technology levelled the playing field. Through e-books, self-published authors have the opportunity, for the first time, to compete with the big name authors. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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