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Position Essay Examples to Help You Grasp The Idea


❶Do your sources adequately support your points?

Position essay sample #1: Helping those in need: how can we really help the poor across the oceans?

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There Is A Way Out
What is a position essay?

You will need the info. Read and take notes on your sources. Put similar ideas together. Is there a pattern? Can you find a central theme? If not, perhaps your sources cover too broad a range. Make an outline Be willing to change the outline if , after reading writing a first draft you can see your pattern is changing. The outline is a road map. If you go in another direction, change the map.

But be sure your new direction is a valid one. Write a preliminary thesis statement. Your thesis statement is generally one or two sentences which state your central points.

It is NOT your approach to writing the paper. It is NOT a question. It is more likely the answer to the main questions you are seeking answers to in your research. In your research paper, the thesis is generally positioned at the end of the introductory material, which sets up your subject.

Be willing to revamp your thesis as your understanding of the issues increases and your main point gets more precise. If you are stuck on the intro, begin in the middle!

The point is to get those ideas out. You can reorganize later. Be willing to throw out some of your preliminary writing. This writing is often a bridge to where you want to go and once you get there you may not need the preliminary writing anymore. Censoring yourself will interfere with the creative juices. Record yourself reading your text and play it back. What is working and what needs clarification? Ask someone else to read what you have written, preferably someone familiar with the assignment.

If you are a member of a peer response group, they should be your primary responders. Do you stick to your focus? Are your points substantive? Do your sources adequately support your points? Do the central topic and sub topics relate to your thesis? Do you use the sources to support points you make in your own words, or are you just regurgitating information from sources and letting them speak FOR you?

Paraphrase when possible to show you understand and can interpret the material accurately. Paraphrasing means to accurately restate the points in your own words. What parts need more detail, evidence? Cite all sources, whether quoted or paraphrased. What parts need reorganization, sharper focus? What sections need clearer transitions between ideas? Does the introduction adequately set up the subject and thesis? The thesis is generally at the end of the introductory paragraph.

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