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❶Christopher took the time to interview me in depth about my accomplishments and positions before writing my resume. Resume Writing Services Pricing.

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Lauri is our amazing proofreader. She is in charge of quality control and she catches almost everything. But remember, we are still human. I attended college to be a teacher, graduating summa cum laude and inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

After my career in teaching I was an editorial assistant for Golf Digest magazine, working as a proofreader and interfacing directly with writers and editors. With an international audience reading their publication, they had high expectations. Some people have a natural ability to catch errors just by looking at a page of writing. Even when I read a published books and novels, any mistake jumps out and bites me! And I love it! It makes their resumes really busy, distracting, and sometimes hard to read — the opposite of what they want to achieve.

These resumes are the hardest to edit. I check the Internet. Many resumes I proofread are industry specific and contain technical words, so any time a company, society, group, association, school, etc. There is boldness and confidence in the writing. He digs deep to get to the essence of who someone is and what they are best at doing. After my own interview, I felt he knew more about me than some of my best friends do.

He also has spent so many years as a headhunter, he is able to tailor resumes to catch the attention of the most discerning and demanding recruiters and executives. When I sit down to write a resume the first thing I think about is the target audience.

Who is going to read the resume? Then I build the resume with that in mind. Everything from the Summary section, bullet points, and personal interests is written to capture the attention of that decision maker.

The fact no one else does it is why it works. When I see short dashes and long dashes between the dates of employment. It drives me bananas! I see it all the time. There have been so many.

One that stands out is a resume I wrote for a women who suffered from negative self-talk. She had real doubts about herself and beat herself up all the time. When I presented the resume she nearly cried. For the first time she saw the beauty and impact of her work. Her confidence totally changed and she landed a terrific job. If you think your resume is just a document that gets your foot in the door you are mistaken.

We know when they are done. That takes intuition and vision. We are artists as much as writers. There are perhaps a hundred or so truly talented Resume Writers out of the several thousand currently employed by Resume Writing firms throughout the country. But there are only a handful of Resume Writing experts. And you would be correct in exercising a certain degree of skepticism. This appeared simple at first — post a few ads, network a bit, and offer Writers above-market rates for their level of expertise.

If the former, they could be good or expert, but chances are they are not. In speaking with them, are you comfortable with their knowledge of your specific industry? Inquire as to how many resumes they have written in your field, and do not be reluctant to ask relevant field-related questions.

Your initial conversation with a prospective Writer is critical. You are of course being courted, and will likely hear all of the reasons you should move forward with this particular Writer or Resume Writing firm; they are selling themselves to you.

And make sure they address all of your questions and understand any concerns you may have. While there are good Resume Writers that are relatively new to the business i. Your resume is one of the most important documents you will need to help establish a successful career. A good Resume Writer can craft an accomplishment-driven document that stands out and increases your chances of landing an interview. An expert Resume Writer takes you a step further by creating a document that provides you with a marked competitive advantage in getting recruiters and hiring manager to take notice and reach out to you, significantly improving your perceived market value and personal brand.

He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date on what businesses are looking for today when they are searching for that perfect candidate. So, before you put yourself back on the market, make sure you have Chris help you put your best foot forward.

After all, being able to showcase our professional value and expertise is a benefit of why we work so hard. I had been on the job hunt for 11 months when I wrote and had my resume critiqued. Lots of great feedback and ultimately I purchased the resume writer option. The best money I have ever spent. Within 4 weeks I was deciding between three offers. I also used the resources and files of information on job interviewing and searches. I have recommended you and your site to others who have been out of work.

Thank you again for your services and resources. I cannot thank you enough for your services as it definitely increased the number of job interviews I received from none to four different companies and several more requests on LinkedIn.

Process-driven, He takes the time to understand the unique skills that his clients possess. This reflects in the work that Chris presents to them for their approval. Chris should be hired by any business professional that wants to have their abilities accurately represented on their resume. I work in healthcare and had a resume that typically looked like most nurses would. Christopher took the time to interview me in depth about my accomplishments and positions before writing my resume.

When he returned it to me I was astounded.

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Resume Writing Services In Charlotte - OUR PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITER CONSULTS FOR NINETY (90) MINUTES; via phone or in-person - () ResumeStrong in Charlotte, NC is the premier local professional resume writing service. Our certified resume writers prepare exceptional resumes for people in all job functions and careers for Charlotte job seekers.

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Andy Thomas' National and Charlotte resume writing services and LinkedIn profile writing services that will make you stand out and help you land your dream job! Certified, professional resume writers will help you create the best resume possible when you pay for Andy Thomas' resume writing services. Charlotte, NC ; ; . Hire top Resume Writers near Charlotte, North Carolina. resume writing professionals have a command of the English language and can aid you in effectively communicating your skills and.