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Scan documents into the document management system. Manage documents based on retention schedule for inactive storage and approved destruction. Provide customer service to client associates as needed in order to prevent repeat issues and optimize release quality. Perform metadata review and input. Experience with at least one automated information system.

Past work in support of a federal government agency a plus. Information Specialist The Information Specialist provides information and document management services in records and docket centers, supporting the routine functions in records programs. Document Scanning Specialist The Document Scanning Specialist will assist the records team to maintain best practices associated with records and information management, and will provide assistance to personnel in scanning documents into the electronic system.

Scanning documents Performing quality checks on scanned images Records maintenance Circulation support e. Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: The sales person, Johnny was exceptional. He worked hard to get information from me to produce a professional resume. Thanks for being here for me at this time in this stage of my career.

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The team went 6—0—1. The team beat Auburn for the first time. The and teams were led by "Twenty Percent" Davis.

Pat Patterson was All-Southern in Patterson was captain in , a season in which future coach William Alexander was a reserve quarterback. The team went undefeated. Heisman, however, was seeking vengeance for a 22—0 baseball loss to Cumberland in the spring of , a game in which Heisman suspected Cumberland of hiring professional players to pose as Cumberland students.

It was the first national title for a Southern team, and for many years the "Golden Tornado" was considered the finest team the region ever produced. Strupper and captain Walker Carpenter were the first two players from the Deep South ever selected first-team All-American.

In the next season of , Tech lost a lopsided game to Pitt 32—0. By , Heisman had divorced his wife and felt that he would embarrass his wife socially if he remained in Atlanta. The and teams also claimed SIAA titles. The team suffered its only loss to undefeated, eastern power Penn State. Tech was captained by fullback Judy Harlan. But if I were playing again, I would have one wish — never to see earing down upon me a more fearsome picture of power than Judy Harlan blocking for Red Barron.

From to , though Tech failed to claim a conference title, it had one of its best-ever players: State when we defeated them twice. Quarterback Ike Armstrong thought the game clock read five seconds remaining in the game when in actuality it was five minutes. Williams set up his offense for a field goal and kicked it to put Tech up 3—0 on first down.

Luckily for Williams, Tech won 3—0. In , Alexander instituted "the Plan. The team was led at center by captain Peter Pund and upset Notre Dame. I counted 20 scoring plays that this man ruined. The team was invited to the Rose Bowl to play California. The loose ball was scooped up by California center Roy Riegels and then accidentally returned in the wrong direction.

After Riegels was finally stopped by his own teammate at the 1-yard line, he was swarmed by a group of Tech players. The Bears opted to punt from the end zone. The punt was blocked and converted by Tech into a safety giving Tech a 2—0 lead. This victory made Tech the 10—0 undefeated national champion of Coach Alexander found campus spirit to be particularly low following the Great Depression. His successful football program and the other athletic teams had very few student fans attending the games.

He helped to establish a spirit organization known as the Yellow Jacket Club in to bolster student spirit. The team was SEC co-champion. The only retired jersey in Georgia Tech football history is No. Castleberry played on the 5 ranked Tech team as a true freshman and was third place in the Heisman Trophy voting. After ending his freshman year at Tech, Castleberry elected to join the war effort and signed up for the Army Air Corps.

While co-piloting a B Marauder over Africa, Castleberry, his crew, and another B disappeared and were never heard from again. The and teams won SEC titles. To this day, Alexander has the second most victories of any Tech football coach. He set the record for career wins at Tech at career coaching wins including a game winning streak from — Dodd also understood the deep-seated rivalry with the University of Georgia.

His teams won 8 games in a row over the Bulldogs from — outscoring the Bulldogs —39 during the winning streak. Dodd would finish his career with a 12—9 record against the Bulldogs. After a Tech punt, Alabama fair-caught the ball. Chick Granning of Tech was playing coverage and relaxed after the signal for the fair catch. Granning was knocked unconscious and suffered a severe concussion , the result of which left him unable to play football ever again.

Dodd sent Bryant a letter asking Bryant to suspend Holt after game film indicated Holt had intentionally injured Granning.

During the summer practice sessions, the teams in question would cut the players well after signing day thus preventing the cut players from finding new colleges to play for. In , Dodd passed the head coach position to his favorite coordinator, Bud Carson. Dodd simply retained his athletic director position, which he had acquired in He would not retire from athletic directing until His job was to appease the Tech fan base Bobby Dodd had accumulated.

Carson was not the charismatic leader like Dodd but rather a strategy man that enjoyed intense game planning. Carson recruited Eddie McAshan to play quarterback in Carson went on to form the Steel Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Bill Fulcher supplanted Bud Carson. Fulcher appeared to be the right choice but quit after two seasons, overwhelmed by racial incidents. McAshan had requested additional tickets for the game so that his family could attend.

Fulcher refused the ticket request and McAshan sat out of practice in protest. The story exploded on the national scene when Jesse Jackson attended the UGA game, allowing McAshan to sit with him outside of the stadium in protest. Pepper Rodgers was hired soon after Fulcher quit. Curry had no experience as a head coach, but was a refreshing change after the flamboyant Rodgers. Things had gotten so bad, they could only get better. The team only won two games, and Ross contemplated ending his coaching career after a humbling loss to Wake Forest in The turning point came in with the recruitment of Shawn Jones and several other key freshman.

After two seasons and only five total wins, Jones helped the Jackets rebound at the end of the season. The four game unbeaten streak in extended all the way through and into the Citrus Bowl. The key victory in the streak was a huge come from behind upset victory over then No.

Tech demolished Nebraska 45—21 in the Citrus Bowl, finishing the season 11—0—1, and earning a share of the National Title with the Colorado Buffaloes.

Ross and Jones never replicated that season but managed to win 8 games in making Shawn Jones one of the most heralded quarterbacks in Tech history. Ross was offered a head coach position after the season for the San Diego Chargers , which he took. He had just led East Carolina to an record and a final ranking of ninth in the nation.

In just two years, Lewis had completely squandered the successful momentum established by Bobby Ross. With Davis injured in spring practice, Lewis recruited Tom Luginbill as his replacement. Luginbill was a proficient passer at Palomar College , a junior college in California, and his first two games in showed promise. Tech almost upset Arizona who was projected as the No.

However, Tech lost its next six games before Lewis was fired with three games remaining in the season. They lost their final three games, including a drubbing at the hands of Georgia. Hamilton would eventually lead the Jackets back to bowl contention and Tech attended its first bowl in six years, the Carquest Bowl.

Offensive coordinator Ralph Friedgen utilized a complex offense with Hamilton that featured option football mixed in with complex timing routes. Hamilton racked up yardage, touchdowns, and wins for Tech. He was a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy against rushing phenomenon Ron Dayne.

Hamilton passed for over 3, yards and rushed for over yards. In a late-season, nationally televised game against Wake Forest , Tech gave up 26 points and Hamilton threw two interceptions and no touchdowns. As an indirect result, Dayne went on to win the Heisman Joe was runner-up. The drop-off was minimal—Godsey continued where Hamilton left off, winning 9 games in and 8 games in In , Godsey also led Tech to their third straight victory over the archival Georgia Bulldogs.

In , eleven Georgia Tech players were found academically ineligible. Daniels racked up over yards rushing in the effort.

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As one of Georgia's most innovative institutions in teaching and learning, Kennesaw State University offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees across two metro Atlanta campuses. Kennesaw State is a member of the University System of Georgia and the third-largest university in Georgia. Thomas Chandler Gailey Jr. (born January 5, ) is a former American football coach. Gailey has served as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and Buffalo Bills.. Gailey previously served as offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins in and , when the Dolphins posted consecutive 11–5 records. He was on the Pittsburgh Steelers staff from to