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❶The Product available on the Website has been designed, tested and marketed for use by residents of Target Countries. For example, many adjustable rate mortgages have a maximum amount that the interest rate may increase over a certain time period.

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Glossary of Real Estate Terms
Two or more storey for sale
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TERM 4 SALE ® is committed to providing a database which includes every term product for which we can obtain information. Providing that we are able to obtain the rates for a term product, there is no reason for TERM 4 SALE ® to not include that information.

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Definition of terms of sale: The delivery and payment terms agreed between a buyer and a seller. In international trade, terms of sale also set out the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers as applicable in the.

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The conditions the parties agree to follow in the trade of a good or service. Necessary terms of sale include price, quantity, and, if necessary, terms of sale may also include special conditions. See also: Terms of trade. Glossary of Real Estate Terms. Assumable Mortgage – The buyer takes over and assumes the existing mortgage on the property on the same terms as the original person that took out the mortgage. This would mean the new buyer does not have to obtain a new loan. Due on Sale Clause – Language in the mortgage closing agreements that .

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Montreal, QC Real Estate - Homes For Sale in Montreal, Quebec The properties in this city are quite old, since roughly 40% of its buildings were built pre, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the s and the s. standard terms and conditions of sale These terms and conditions of sale (“ Agreement ”) are applicable to any order placed with and accepted by .