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Victoria, British Columbia

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❶Das is a strong advocate for creating awareness of autism and other special needs in the society. Abbotsford-Mission , Kelowna and Victoria , the capital.

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This results in a heavy outflow of traffic in the morning, and inflow in the evening. The announcement of the Gateway Program in by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation meant a large expenditure in transportation infrastructure. Despite the oppositions by the Metro Vancouver and several mayoral councils, [51] [52] the project went ahead to create the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the Port Mann Bridge , both which pass through major portions of Surrey.

Studies have shown that with an increase in road capacity, generated traffic increases, that is traffic that is diverted shifted in time and route and induced travel increased total motor vehicle travel. The Sustainability Charter hinges on a large reduction on automobile dependency requiring a well established transit infrastructure to the multiple districts of Surrey. In , Gordon Campbell announced the extension of the Expo Line beyond the current terminus to as far as Langley. Plans to expand northward via the Evergreen Line came to fruition prior the vision of extending light rail out to Guildford, Newton and Langley.

Trying to make ends meet, Mayor Watts attempts to impose equal tolling across the region to assist with funding transit to reduce car reliance.

Protecting agricultural land reserves also play an important part in the charter of sustainability. The idea behind the agricultural land reserves is to encourage and increase the role of urban agriculture thus reducing the reliance of food transport and increasing the quality and availability of food to local people.

The Charter takes the idea one step further by bringing in value adding food processing agribusiness to complete the supply chain circle. In a case study of Toronto completed by Pierre Filion, he claims that while transit and natural area conservation are successful at achieving their respective immediate objectives, they "do not modify metropolitan-wide relations between transportation and land use Filion identifies that the largest obstacles are NIMBY reactions from the public and the limited finances from the public sector.

Surrey has two sister cities:. Surrey also has six Friendship Cities: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in British Columbia, Canada. Urban sprawl and Gateway Program. Retrieved February 8, Language Portal of Canada. Retrieved March 30, Retrieved September 29, Retrieved March 25, Province of British Columbia. Retrieved October 13, Retrieved August 28, Retrieved March 9, Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved December 28, Retrieved February 14, Canadian Climate Normals — Retrieved February 17, Retrieved January 4, Check date values in: Retrieved April 26, Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved November 9, Retrieved on January 22, Retrieved February 27, Retrieved May 29, Developing six cities at once: Surrey must build and link town centres while maintaining their unique traits, Vancouver Sun , January 26, , p.

English-language station will try to fill the good-news gap". Retrieved on April 14, Government of British Columbia. Retrieved January 12, Retrieved August 1, Retrieved January 15, Retrieved February 13, Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Retrieved February 11, The Globe and Mail. Today, the Mann Deshi Bank has 90, account holders, manages business of more than Rs.

Luke Sital-Singh is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter from the UK. In he released his debut single "Fail For You," which first introduced to the world his deft ability to craft songs with a mesmerizing piercing emotional quality. Of his songwriting, Sital-Singh says: My fun is diving as deep as I can.

Inside myself and, if I can, inside others and writing songs that are as honest as I can make them. Honest to the struggles we all face, the sadness but more importantly, the hope. As a spoken-word performer, Tamekia MizLadi Smith educates and empowers her audiences with what she calls EDUtainment, a witty combination of music and storytelling. Her forthcoming book, True Story, explores how to improve community health through mentoring and creative arts.

Sosik is a scientist, inventor and explorer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where she holds the Stanley W. Watson Chair for Excellence in Oceanography. Sosik leads a multidisciplinary team conducting long-term research on marine ecosystems and how they are changing in response to intersecting pressures from human activity, environmental variability and climate change.

During undergraduate engineering studies at MIT, Sosik became fascinated by the diversity of microscopic life in the ocean. This led her toward a doctorate in oceanography and a research career focused on discovery. Today she develops and deploys new technologies to see life in the ocean in new ways. Sosik is co-inventor of a robotic underwater microscope used by researchers around the world to study minuscule forms of life in the ocean and by coastal managers to ensure that seafood is safe to eat.

Sosik has been recognized for her impact and leadership through honors including a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers and selection as a Fellow of The Oceanography Society. The band continues to expand its international reach touring four continents including Europe, Australia, China, South Korea and Japan. Their explosive stage presence has led to live collaborations with the likes of: The Soul Rebels started with an idea -- to expand upon the pop music they loved on the radio and the New Orleans brass tradition they grew up on.

They took that tradition and blended funk and soul with elements of hip-hop, jazz and rock, all within a brass band context. The band has built a career around an eclectic live show that harnesses the power of horns and drums in a deep pocket funk party-like atmosphere.

The Soul Rebels continue to chart new territory as they feature in major films, tour globally, and combine topnotch musicianship with songs that celebrate dancing, life, funk and soul.

I vowed to fight for their rights, dignity and humanity in a system that seemed intent on crushing them, their families and their communities. It was hard work, but I woke up everyday inspired and with a sense of purpose -- even when the unfairness of the system made me cry. I was doing my part in the larger struggle for social justice -- one client at a time. But the need to do more, to rethink the very nature of public defense and challenge the larger systemic issues that fueled the cycle of criminalization and poverty led me to start The Bronx Defenders in For 20 years, I worked to create a new vision of public defense, extending legal representation and advocacy beyond criminal court with the goal of breaking that cycle.

My new organization, The Bail Project , will take the lessons we learned in the Bronx and go to dozens of high-need jurisdictions with the goal of paying bail for , people over the next five years, disrupting the bail system, reducing the human suffering it causes and continuing the fight to decarcerate America.

Elizabeth Streb is known for her unique brand of movement, "Pop Action," which intertwines dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, the circus, stunt work and the invention of action gizmos. For the London Olympic Games, the company was commissioned to create One Extraordinary Day , a series of events across the city that included dancers "bungee dancing" off Millennium Bridge and abseiling down City Hall.

Streb is the recipient of numerous honors including a MacArthur Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship In , Born to Fly: It is available on iTunes and Netflix. Can we create a digital avatar that looks, acts and talks just like our sweet grandma? This question has inspired Supasorn Suwajanakorn, a recent PhD graduate from the University of Washington, to spend years developing new tools to make it a reality. He has developed a set of algorithms that can build a moving 3D face model of anyone from just photos, which was awarded the Innovation of the Year in Suwajanakorn is working in the field of machine learning and computer vision.

His goal is to bring vision algorithms out of the lab and make them work in the wild. My mother was a computer programmer who embedded in me an activist strain. Positive role models and a positive self-identity are hard to come by. ATCR first got together in , part of a vital new generation of artists making a cultural and social impact in Canada alongside a renewed Aboriginal rights movement called Idle No More. Looking to the future without losing sight of their past, ATCR straddles a broad range of musical influences based in modern hip-hop, traditional powwow drums and vocals, blended with edgy electronic music production styles.

They pack the dance floor as Bear Witness weaves indigenous stereotyping from movies, cartoons and media into a new political context and a dancer mixes b-boy and traditional moves. It instilled in him a deep love of science and the scientific endeavor, which in turn led him to complete a PhD in theoretical particle physics.

And it was in the pages of a science fiction magazine that he first encountered the Fermi paradox, which kindled a lifelong fascination with the problem of why we see no signs of extraterrestrial intelligence -- and led to his book Where Is Everybody , which explores the question in detail.

Webb hopes to pass on his love of science through his outreach work, and he is the author of a number of popular science books. Jennifer Wilcox is the James H.

Having grown up in rural Maine, she has a profound respect and appreciation of nature, which permeates her work as she focuses on minimizing negative impacts of humankind on our natural environment. Carbon management includes a mix of technologies spanning from the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to its capture from industrial, utility-scale and micro-emitter motor vehicle exhaust streams, followed by utilization or reliable storage of carbon dioxide on a timescale and magnitude that will have a positive impact on our current climate change crisis.

Funding for her research is primarily sourced through the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and the private sector. She has served on a number of committees including the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society to assess carbon capture methods and impacts on climate.

She is the author of the first textbook on carbon capture, published in March Diane Wolk-Rogers began teaching because she was passionate about supporting too-often neglected young people facing challenges and vulnerabilities. Early in her career, she received awards for her work providing special education support to students with learning and emotional disabilities.

She recently gained national attention for speaking publicly in support of the neveragain movement led by her students at MSD after the shooting that occurred there on February 14, Their activism inspires her to fight for a safe learning environment for all. Wood wants to encourage open conversations about hard topics.

He is a Robert L. Bartley Fellow at The Wall Street Journal and a class of graduate of Williams College, where he served as president of Uncomfortable Learning, a student group that sparked national controversy for inviting provocative speakers to campus, from John Derbyshire to Charles Murray. With the mission to translate scientific innovation into a life-saving medical procedure, Dr. Luhan Yang is leading a team of world-renowned scientists to leverage CRISPR technology and its potential to deliver safe and effective human transplantable organs to the hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide who are in dire need.

In the US alone, more than , people annually are in need of a lifesaving organ transplant, and 20 people die every day waiting for a transplant. To address this issue, scientists have been trying to engineer animal organs for human transplantation for more than years. However, concern for issues such as pig-to-human immunological compatibility and cross-species transmission of porcine endogenous retroviruses PERV have proven to be two insurmountable obstacles -- until now.

In addition to recruiting and leading a high-caliber scientific team, she has played an integral role in daily management of the company, business strategy and planning, as well as negotiating with investors for early round funding.

Andrew Youn has lived in rural Africa for the last 11 years, learning from the largest group of poor people in the world: When he first visited Kenya in , he was an MBA student who knew very little about farming. During that first trip, he met two farm families. One family was harvesting two tons of food on a single acre of land and thriving; the other was going hungry. He began asking questions. Eleven years later, the organization he founded, One Acre Fund , serves more than , farm families, providing them with the financing and agricultural training they need to increase their yields and climb out of poverty.

Youn is also the co-founder of D-Prize, an organization that funds early-stage startups that are innovating better ways to distribute proven life-enhancing technologies. Home Program Speakers Partners. Speakers Below, the exciting lineup for TED!

After a long career in journalism and publishing, Chris Anderson became the curator of the TED Conference in and has developed it as a platform for identifying and disseminating ideas worth spreading.

Nora Atkinson Craft curator. Pierre Barreau AI and music entrepreneur. Pierre Barreau is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, composer and director who loves to create impactful things.

James Bridle Artist, writer. Working across technologies and disciplines, James Bridle examines technology, knowledge and the end of the future. Brown leads her dance company through excavations of ancestral stories, both timeless and traditional, that connect history with contemporary culture. David Cage Game maker. Two Souls" and the new "Detroit: Become Human," David Cage uses games to push the boundaries of storytelling. Vishaan Chakrabarti Architect, author. A Manifesto for an Urban America," makes the case that a more urban USA would result in a more prosperous, sustainable, joyous and socially mobile nation.

Penny Chisholm Microbial oceanographer, author. Penny Chisholm studies an extremely tiny microorganism that plays an enormous role in ocean ecosystems. Discovered only three decades ago, it has defined her career and inspired her to think differently about life on Earth. Poppy Crum Neuroscientist, technologist.

Poppy Crum builds technologies that best leverage human physiology to enhance our experiences and how we interact with the world. Morgan Dixon Health activist. John Doerr Venture capitalist. John Doerr is an engineer, acclaimed venture capitalist and the chairman of Kleiner Perkins.

Kirsty Duncan Politician, scientist. Kirsty Duncan works for all Canadians to nurture science in Canada and encourages people of all ages to have inquisitive minds. Oskar Eustis Theater director.

Ian Firth Engineer, bridge designer. Ian Firth designs bridges all around the world; some are very long and cross over wide rivers or sea channels, and some are really short and in the middle of towns and cities, but "all of them are unique and special in their own way. Simona Francese Analytical chemist. Simona Francese is a chemist by training who is passionate about forensics. Kevin Frans AI researcher.

Kevin Frans is a student who thinks artificial intelligence will be very interesting very soon. Frances Frei Culture builder. Frances Frei is a professor of technology and operations management at the Harvard Business School. Vanessa Garrison Health activist. Simone George Human rights lawyer, activist.

Driven by a belief in fairness, Simone George is a human rights lawyer and activist. Giada Gerboni Biomedical engineer. Giada Gerboni works in surgical robotics, supporting surgeons with new flexible robotic devices in order to make once impossible operations a reality.

Dan Gibson Genome writer. Dan Gibson leads a new breed of bioengineers, called genome writers, who use DNA to design and build new products powering the next industrial revolution. Simone Giertz Inventor, robotics enthusiast. Simone Giertz runs a YouTube channel about robotics. Yasmin Green Geopolitical technologist.

Yuval Noah Harari Historian, author. Caroline Harper Advocate for visually impaired people. At Sightsavers, an international NGO, Caroline Harper leads efforts to eliminate avoidable blindness around the world and fight for equal rights.

Reed Hastings Entrepreneur, philanthropist. Lili Haydn brings fresh energy and a collaborative spirit to the violin. Hugh Herr Bionics designer. At MIT, Hugh Herr builds prosthetic knees, legs and ankles that fuse biomechanics with microprocessors to restore and perhaps enhance normal gait, balance and speed. Kashmir Hill Technology journalist.

Kashmir Hill writes about privacy and technology. Alex Honnold Rock climber. Walter Hood Creative director. Walter Hood imagines urban spaces as a new kind of public sculpture -- full of beauty, strangeness and idiosyncrasy. Angel Hsu Environmental data scientist.

Angel Hsu is a professor and data geek who applies data-driven methods to solve challenging environmental issues. Rebeca Hwang is co-founder and managing director of Rivet Ventures, investing in solutions for women and empowering their choices. Mary Lou Jepsen Inventor, entrepreneur, optical physicist.

Dina Katabi investigates how AI can make wireless devices sense human motion and vital signs. Fred Krupp Environmentalist, lawyer. Fred Krupp is a leading voice on climate change, energy and sustainability, and a champion for harnessing the power of the marketplace to protect our environment.

LADAMA is an ensemble of women musicians from across the Americas, singing original compositions in Spanish, Portuguese and English and combining disparate, traditional roots music with pop. Jaron Lanier Scientist, musician, visual artist, author. Jaron Lanier is a scientist, musician and writer best known for his work in virtual reality and his advocacy of humanism and sustainable economics in a digital context.

Rajiv Laroia Curious engineer. Kai-Fu Lee Investor, computer scientist. Ingrid Fetell Lee Designer, writer. Ingrid Fetell Lee studies joy and reveals how we can find more of it in the world around us. Humorist, writer and trickster Emily Levine riffs on science and the human condition. Gary Liu Media executive. Rodin Lyasoff Flight junkie.

Rodin Lyasoff makes improbable objects fly. Will MacAskill Moral philosopher, writer. Will MacAskill is a cofounder of the effective altruism movement, a philosophy that tries to answer the question: How can we do as much good as possible?

Mann calls himself "a fella who tries to find out interesting things and tell others about them. Dylan Marron Writer, performer. Dylan Marron takes complicated social issues and finds accessible ways to talk about them through interviews, short-form videos and satire. Surya Mattu Artist, investigative journalist, engineer. Think of Surya Mattu as a data detective. Meech is an astronomer who investigates how habitable worlds form and explores the bigger picture of whether there is life elsewhere.

Keith Neumeyer , president and CEO, has worked in the investment community since He began his career at a number of Canadian national brokerage firms. Neumeyer moved on to work with several publicly traded companies in the resource and high technology sectors. His roles have included senior management positions and directorships in areas of finance, business development, strategic planning and corporate restructuring.

Neumeyer was the original and founding president of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. He founded First Majestic Silver in Neumeyer has also listed a number of companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and as such has extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues that are relevant in the investment community.

First Mining Gold Corp. Having assembled a large resource base of 7Moz Au in the Measured and Indicated categories and 5Moz Au in the Inferred category in mining friendly jurisdictions of eastern Canada, First Mining is now focused on advancing its assets towards production.

First Mining was created by Mr. The deposit, consisting of 5 high-grade and near-surface mineralized zones, is part of a 3.

The latest high-grade zone was discovered nearly 1. Multiple exploration hot spots have been identified throughout the property and exploration drilling is ongoing.

Ross McElroy, has been instrumental in several major discoveries in the Athabasca Basin, including 2 major discoveries for Fission uranium and Fission Energy within a 3-year period. As part of the Fission team he has won multiple industry awards in the resource sector, including: Prior to Fission Uranium, Mr. Ross McElroy , P. Ross McElroy has additionally been instrumental in several other world class high grade discoveries both in uranium and gold.

With over 30 years as a professional geologist, he spent his early years with the Majors including Areva, Cameco and BHP Billiton before moving to the junior exploration space in GoldMining Inc is a public mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of gold assets in the Americas. Through its disciplined acquisition strategy, GoldMining controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects in Canada, U.

To learn more about the company and the team behind GoldMining Inc. Amir Adnani is an entrepreneur and a mining executive. He is the founder and Chairman of GoldMining Inc. He is also the founder of Uranium Energy Corp. Fortune magazine distinguishes Mr. Since , the Company has consolidated the second largest contiguous land package sq. The Project now hosts NI compliant, near-surface, oxide gold resources at the Pinion deposit updated , the Dark Star deposit updated and North Bullion In March , the Company commenced a 74,m development and exploration drilling program at the Railroad-Pinion Project.

Numerous catalysts are anticipated throughout the year. Over the course of his career, Mr. Golden Arrow Resources is a Vancouver-based exploration company with a track record of creating value by making precious and base metal discoveries and advancing them into exceptional deposits. He has successfully formed strategic alliances and negotiated with mining industry majors such as Barrick, Teck, Newmont , Viceroy now Yamana Gold and Vale S.

He is the founder and president of Grosso Group Management Ltd. GoviEx Uranium is a growing, Africa-focused uranium company with a defined project development pipeline and strong jurisdictional diversification.

The company is supported by three leading nuclear and mining companies: Significant metallurgical test work and engineering studies completed on its assets have provided GoviEx with a solid foundation on which to build when uranium prices rise. GoviEx is currently implementing an integrated, four-step strategy to advance the Madaouela Project towards a production decision. Daniel joined GoviEx in and has been responsible for the transition of the company from explorer to developer. HDI is a diversified, private global mining group characterized by the commitment and drive of its founders.

Over its year history, HDI has discovered and developed 12 projects, globally, that have been or are currently being mined, and two others that are fully permitted for mine construction with more to come. Our associated companies have highly experienced management teams with an impressive track record of success to acquire, develop, operate and monetize mineral properties that provide superior returns to shareholders. Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. Pebble is remarkable - both for its size and composition.

Currently estimated resources include: Federal permitting for a mine at Pebble was initiated in December , and the project is currently progressing through the scoping phase for an Environmental Assessment Statement.

Advancing the EIS process and re-partnering remain our goals for Representatives at the Event: By combining solid projects, financing, and timely permitting, Amarc is building value for shareholders through its exploration and development of three major porphyry districts: Project Olza generates robust economics and low production costs based on NI inferred resource of Excellent local infrastructure is in place; Project Olza is adjacent to the ZGHB Pomorzany Mine and smelter complex, which has been operating for over 40 years, producing over 90Mt zinc and lead.

Our current focus is rapid advancement of an environmental impact assessment in parallel with a Polish development plan. RTH has enjoyed positive engagement with all levels of government, residents and other stakeholders since High Grade Metals is a junior exploration company focused on a portfolio of high grade gold and polymetallic base metal assets in Austria, within the European Union. Each of its portfolio of assets is the host of one, or in some cases many, historic mines and workings, but have had no modern exploration completed on them.

The Schellgaden Gold Project is located in a known gold mining district, historically considered to be one of the richest in Europe, with records dating back to the 12 th century. The historic workings indicate a very extensive mineralised system, which the Company believes may have district scale potential. The Company recently released an exploration target which is conceptual in nature , of 1. The Company will be completing its maiden drill program at Schellgaden between in the summer of?

The Leogang Cobalt-Copper-Nickel Project is the site of a former operating polymetallic mine producing cobalt, copper and nickel at various times in its long history called Noeckelberg. The Company has completed surface sampling of the mine waste dumps i. The waste material grades give the Company confidence in the potential high grade nature of the mineralised system being targeted subsurface at the Noeckelberg prospect within the Leogang Exploration Area.

Geological modelling suggests the mineralised system may extend substantially beyond the known mined areas and, with no modern exploration work ever conducted, is unlikely to have been fully explored or delineated.

The Company will complete the first ever drill program at Noeckelberg in the summer of? Hayden Locke, Non-Executive Director. Morgan, private equity and mining. Members of the management team have been key principals in a number of widely-recognized mineral discoveries. Investments by HPX straddle the resources and technology sectors.

Investments include mining assets; disruptive exploration technology for resource discovery; and high-growth, minerals-based technology companies where HPX can add value through integrating upstream mining assets. The investment portfolio includes the following: Before joining HPX, Mr. Gibson worked with Anglo American, and was the founder of a geophysical service company focused on managing seismic surveys for the mining industry.

He has more than 26 years of wide-ranging experience as a geoscientist and manager in the natural resources sector.

The Company has implemented an expanded growth strategy which aims to transform Productora by increasing margins and lowering production costs through higher head grade and expanded metal output. Recent surface exploration results, lease mining and historical mine data compilation has been extremely successful in outlining several large high-grade copper targets, with San Antonio highlighted as a standout mine with great potential. The San Antonio deposit footprint extends from surface over a 1.

The Company is also pursuing further value accretive regional consolidation opportunities as part of its expanded growth strategy. Mr Easterday has held several senior positions and exploration management roles with top-tier companies, specialising in structural geology, resource development, project valuation and negotiation across multiple commodity classes in Australia and internationally.

He is a founding director of Hot Chili and continues to lead the Company through the discovery and development of the large-scale Productora copper project in Chile. Ivanhoe Mines will present an update on the following: Friedland , Founder and Executive Chairman of Ivanhoe Mines For more than 25 years, international financier Robert Friedland has been recognized by leaders of the international financial sector and mineral resource industries as an entrepreneurial explorer, technology innovator and company builder.

Friedland said at the ceremony that he shared the honour with several teams of dedicated individuals whose efforts with his companies during the past 30 years had contributed to a series of notable discoveries and new mines. In May , Mr. From its founding in , the Ivanhoe Mines enterprise brand has evolved as Mr. Friedland founded Ivanplats to advance mineral prospects in Southern Africa. As Executive Chairman, Mr. It was the largest Canadian mining IPO in more than two years. Ivanhoe and Zijin now each hold a Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.

At Macassa, the Company recently commenced work on a new shaft which, in addition to increasing production levels, will also improve working conditions at the mine, support future exploration and lead to lower unit costs.

Mark Utting is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 25 years of experience in investor relations and corporate communications, mainly in mining and financial services industries. Prior to that, Mr. The Company has a leading growth profile highlighted by one of the largest silver asset bases in Mexico and a carried to commercial production interest with a world leading miner, Pan American Silver Corp.

In addition, the company expects drilling to be completed on several of its properties in that include Cervantes in Mexico optioned to Aztec Minerals and the Silver Fox and Mark properties in Canada optioned to Antofagasta. McDonald is a founder of Kootenay Silver Inc. Lara is building a large multi-commodity portfolio through organic growth and acquisition of new projects and opportunities and expects to be able to continue to add value and projects over time. Currently we have active exploration programs, funded by partners, in copper, gold, coal, phosphates and iron.

Christopher MacIntyre , , B. His primary responsibilities include corporate and project finance, strategic development, and corporate communications. V , which was acquired by Nevsun in Prior to starting Lara in , Miles was Manager of Business Development at Gold Fields Exploration, where his responsibilities included working on joint ventures and acquisitions in the Americas, Africa and Eurasia.

Leagold is a mid-tier gold producer with a focus on Latin America. Leagold owns four gold mines and two development projects in Mexico and Brazil.

The company expects to produce , ounces of gold in , ramping up to , ounces of gold on an annualized basis by Leagold is well positioned to achieve its plans with a strong shareholder base, a motivated management team, and deep relationships in the gold mining sector. Since the formation of the company in , the company has completed two acquisitions and now owns four gold mines and two development projects in Mexico and Brazil. Company Representatives at the Event: Although frequently mistaken for one, Mr.

Tiggre is not a professional geologist. However, his long tutelage under world-class geologists, writers, and investors resulted in an exceptional track record. Another key feature is that Mr. For more information, please visit my website or send me an email. Cangrejos is currently being advanced towards a PEA end of Q The company plans to drill at both projects throughout to enhance and expand the existing resources.

This land package makes Lumina the 2nd largest concession holder in Ecuador. The two properties under the First Quantum earn-in are the Orquideas and Cascas concessions in south-eastern Ecuador. Drilling at Orquideas is planned for the second half of Lumina will continue to advance its other early stage concessions, drill gold primary targets and look to establish earn-in agreements on primary base metal targets.

Amulsar will be a large-scale, low-cost operation with production expected to begin in Gold production is targeted to average approximately , ounces annually over an initial year mine life, making Lydian one of the largest gold producers to emerge during Open pit mining and conventional heap leach processing contribute to excellent scale and economic potential.

Estimated mineral resources contain 3. Existing mineral resources beyond current reserves and open extensions provide opportunities to improve average annual production and extend the mine life. Lydian is committed to good international industry practices in all aspects of its operations including production, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Doug Tobler, Chief Financial Officer. Tobler has over 30 years of corporate financial management experience gained as a chief financial officer, CPA and corporate advisor.

While a CPA and advisor, Mr. Tobler assisted numerous mining clients with financing activities, royalty arrangements, joint ventures, internal controls development, and financial modeling.

Tobler holds a B. The Project has an established gold resource that has significant exploration upside, excellent infrastructure and several large scale operating mines nearby.

He has extensive expertise in structuring and negotiating complex strategic partnerships and raising capital having worked within the Ivanhoe group of companies for over ten years. During his time at Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. Hornor successfully structured multiple resource project acquisitions, equity financings and delivered a collaboration agreement with ITOCHU Corporation, a prominent Japanese trading and investment house. Fluent in Japanese, Mr.

Hornor began his mining career in Japan after first travelling there 27 years ago. Other Representatives at the event: McEwen Mining has McEwen does not take a salary, bonus or options in the Company and reinvests all dividends. Metalla provides shareholders with leveraged precious metal exposure through a diversified and growing portfolio of royalties and streams. High Stream was a specialty streaming and royalty consulting company where he worked with several public and private companies in the streaming and royalty business.

Prior to that, he was a founding principal of KSIR Capital Management a hedge fund focused on small and micro-cap mining companies. He writes The Strategic Investor for Casey Research, a monthly investment advisory founded by legendary resource speculator Doug Casey. Other Representative at the event: With the support of strategic investors, a strong management team experienced at all levels of project development and project financing; Metanor is seeking growth through the development of its properties using a partnership approach with local communities.

Metanor is a company with multi-project growth potential. Amongst its assets is the Bachelor mine; a cash-flow positive self-extract gold mine with on-site processing facilities, the only permitted mill located in the very promising Urban—Barry mining camp.

During his career, Mr. Hamelin has also performed and completed several mining pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. The company is led by a highly-respected management and technical team with a proven mine-finding track record. Midland prefers to work in partnership and intends to quickly conclude additional agreements in regard to newly acquired properties. Management is currently reviewing opportunities and projects to build up the Company portfolio and generate shareholder value.

Midland fully intends to continue securing new partnerships for its recently acquired properties. Minnesota is one of only a handful of states that requires all brokers to be registered and licensed. We take pride in our reputation for first rate service, client education, and quality product.

We are recommended by many prominent industry specialists. SBI was formed as a joint venture for the very purpose of unlocking the potential of the TradeWind VaultChain program.

It will revolutionize the way precious metals are owned and traded. Please go to www. Prior to starting Miles Franklin, Ltd. Andrew has distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur, a foremost expert on the precious metals industry and a reputable speaker on economics, global investing, and foreign currencies. Joel Kravitz , Precious Metals Storage Specialist, has learned everything from refining gold and silver to sales of precious metals but his expertise is in international precious metals storage and shipping.

The company currently has 25 projects and four partner companies funding exploration work. Silver, zinc and uranium are also target commodities.

Millrock currently maintains highly trained staff in all jurisdictions in which it operates, giving it the capability to manage exploration programs for partnered projects and make valuable mineral deposit discoveries. Mirasol employs an integrated generative and on-ground exploration approach, combining leading-edge technologies and experienced exploration geoscientists to maximize the potential for discovery. By applying a countercyclical investment strategy, the company has generated a large portfolio of quality drill-ready projects.

At Mirasol, we believe our business model will create value creation for our shareholders through significant mineral discoveries. He is a founder of Mirasol Resources and previously served as Vice President of Exploration since inception of the company. Prior to joining Mirasol, he held senior technical and management roles with large and junior mining companies.

Nano has a wealth of experience in project generation, exploration, acquisition and mining and has managed exploration teams over a diverse range of geographic and cultural environments. He is regarded as one of the frontier explorers of the Santa Cruz epithermal province in Argentina playing a leading role in gold and silver discoveries that are now in production or advanced resource stage.

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