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Military to Civilian Resumes

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❶An example would be that a former Air Force Technical Aircraft Mechanic specialist has skills that translate directly into aviation maintenance and repair, as well as a solid know-how of electronics and possibly even hydraulics. Focus his resume on who he was.

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Her job descriptions are concise and focus on notable achievements, key projects and leadership competencies. Anyone interviewing her will now be able to ask, " Tell me more about your job as an Acting Plant Manager? Your resume is a powerful tool on so very many levels. See all veteran friendly employers. Make Your Resume Interviewable. Consider the fact that your resume has three primary missions: This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

You May Also Like. This Small Gesture Gets Big Results Following up with a simple thank-you, better yet, a handwritten thank-you will distinguish you from the hordes of job-seekers There are lot of options when it comes to civilian jobs once you make the military-to-civilian transition. Jotting these down before you start writing your resume can help you organize your thoughts. Take skills learned from your experience in the military and target jobs that require those skills.

An example would be that a former Air Force Technical Aircraft Mechanic specialist has skills that translate directly into aviation maintenance and repair, as well as a solid know-how of electronics and possibly even hydraulics.

There are military skills that translate directly into civilian jobs , and as long as you phrase them in a manner fitting a civilian style resume, they should be clear to anyone tasked with reviewing resumes.

This is the hard part. There are a lot of skills that a veteran picks up during their service that are extremely valuable to employers , but knowing how to phrase them on a civilian resume is a little tricky.

Just make sure to phrase them in a way easily understood by a civilian. Hundreds or thousands of others may have the same MOS as you, however, the level of your experience, skills and accomplishments are all different. When writing your professional military resume, our goal is to elevate your individual value and ensure you are very competitive. Many of our team members and resume writers are senior enlisted and military officers.

They all have earned multiple resume writing and career advising certifications, along with completing up to 6-months of training. Their mission is simple; to ensure you receive the best customer service, product quality and results with your new resume. They speak both your language and that of the military, as well as federal government and corporate HR.

All of our former military personal enjoy helping their fellow veterans with everything from writing military to civilian resumes as well as career advice.

Thousands of military members and veterans come to us to develop a professional corporate resume to use to apply for government contracting jobs.

Below is a list of the Top Government Contractors; select a few government contractors you wish to work for and send us a job announcement so we can assist you in an interview-winning government contractor resume. Call us at or send us an email with your current military to civilian resume and job vacancy of interest for a quote for our professional military resume writing services.

Many of our writers are veterans themselves and take very seriously their responsibility of writing a powerful and competitive resume for our clients. If you are like many who are leaving the military, the key next step in life is transitioning to a new career in the civilian world. Understandably, the idea of preparing resumes and cover letters , as well as going to job interviews can be overwhelming.

Start collecting your annual performance evaluations: A good time to develop your MTR is when you are eight months out so you can start networking and even practicing interviewing. If you are unsure how to write a military resume, CareerProPlus gives you access to a team of professional Military Resume-writing experts to help create for you a winning document that will attract the attention of any employer.

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Writing Military-to-Civilian Resumes: Make Your Resume Interviewable. It's going to open doors and help generate interviews and, if done well, can serve as a remarkably effective interview.

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Résumé Builder. Manually enter your information into the form fields below, or click the blue Auto-fill from LinkedIn button to prepopulate some of the fields from your LinkedIn account. Your Civilian Skills Provide your civilian skills. Add as many as necessary with the help of the autocomplete field. Military Service Provide your.

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Army-To-civilian Resume Example. Resume sample for a candidate in the Army interested in transitioning to a civilian job. Candidate has IT experience, . VA and Veteran's Service Links; VA Benefits Downloads; Education / Training; Resume and Cover Letter. You may be the best-qualified applicant for a job, but unless your qualifications are portrayed effectively, you may not get an interview. Sample chronological resume for Department of the Army Civilian Sample chronological resume for.

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Just out of the military and in search of a job in logistics or management? Check out this military to civilian resume sample to help you get started. How to convert military experience to a civilian resume. Real Warriors: transitioning to civilian employment. Home A good place to start is the Department of Labor’s Military to Civilian Occupation Translator. This online tool helps figure out what types of jobs are a good match for you. If you use terms you learned in the service, a.