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How Does Photosynthesis Work?
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And why are other life forms dependent on it for survival? You have probably seen this photosynthesis equation in your science textbook:. During the photosynthesis process, plants use energy from the sun, water from the soil and carbon dioxide gas from the air to make glucose.

Plants as well as all other organisms are dependent on glucose for energy. Chlorophyll - a molecule that gives the plant its green color- has an atom of the metal maganese at the center surrounded by a complex ring made of carbon and hydrogen with a long tail - giving it a kite-like appearance. Understanding How Photosynthesis Works. Photosynthesis starts when a photon - a tiny packet of light- is absorbed by a molecule of chlorophyll.

The energy of the photon is used to move an electron in the chlorophyll molecule to a higher orbit and that electron moves to another molecule. This donation of an electron is the energy imput that starts the whole chain of reactions going. The photosynthesis process is divided up into two steps.

Some of these reactions happen in the light and other reactions occur in the dark. The first step is a light-dependent reaction. When the electron from the chlorophyll molecule is removed it sets off this complex series of chain reactions leading to the production of molecules that capture light energy and store it in the form of ATP. Cells tap into this stored energy to provide energy needed for basic life processes.

The second step is a light-independent or dark reaction. The ATP stored in these molecules is used to drive another series of complex reactions known as the Calvin Cycle. This helps the plant use carbon dioxide from the air and water drawn up from the roots in the soil to make glucose for food. Why Photosynthesis is Important. When we eat plants or plant-eating animals, we store that energy from the glucose until it is released by cellular respiration.

The formula for cellular respiration looks something like this:. Here, chlorophyll plays a major part because with the flow of chlorophyll results in mixing of plant compounds that are processed all throughout the plant.

The molecules of carbohydrates are stored as energies in chemicals. These are sugars that are stored and synthesized from water an also carbon dioxide. The name photosynthesis originated from here. There are scientists who are always on research if there are newer processes that are done in plant parts. How is photosynthesis done? In photosynthesis assignment help, our teachers will make you draw the flow of synthesis. So, it is very important that you know the basics. The process of photosynthesis is very simple and each and every organism performs this in different actions:.

This is the whole process that takes place in plants. Chemical synthesis plays a major part with all important carbohydrates and gases that are mixed to it. Why students face problems? Main problem faced is of diagrams. With complex diagrams, sometimes it becomes quite confusing to name where each and every chemicals are named. For this our teachers show you video lessons that clearly picturises diagram of photosynthesis. Problems are faced due to improper guidance, lack of proper notes as well as unable to understand plant parts.

These small problems are dealt with expert clarity by our teachers who will provide notes and mails that explain whole system in brief. What makes us successful? Photosynthesis homework help is successful because we cater to needs and wants of our students first.

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Privacy Policy is the place to go to get the answers you need and to homework help photosynthesis explanation ask the questions you want. Essay report students for originality Like all processes, it involves inputs and outputs of matter and energy. Regular readers will know homework help photosynthesis explanation of my.

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Nov 09,  · Photosynthesis is the process used by plants, algae and certain bacteria to harness energy from sunlight into chemical energy. There are two types of photosynthetic processes: oxygenic photosynthesis and anoxygenic Resolved.

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It allows energy homework help photosynthesis explanation from the sun to be converted into a. Biology textbook solutions and answers for page of Modern Biology (). Biology textbook solutions and answers for page of Modern Biology (). Jan 15,  · Photosynthesis homework help is successful because we cater to needs and wants of our students first. There problem is major and we try our level best to teach them simplified ways to solve them. Many students feel /5().

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