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Promissory note assignment meaning in marathi (creative writing k12)

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❶My personal policy is that I do not grade homework, so my students are encouraged to get and use help from whatever sources they like. Our service was created specifically for such people like you are:

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Other times I would turn in problems I had worked several times, never arriving at a reasonable answer, and ask the professor for help. As I recall, I was always given credit for doing the work. Your mileage may vary. There is a difference between asking for help and cheating, and I think it comes down to ones motivation. By doing the additional work, it should show that your goal was not to just get an answer to turn in, but to gain understanding of the concept.

The answer to 1 depends on your professor, university, curriculum, etc. At my university most professors state at the beginning of the course how they expect the students to do the assignment - e. The answer to 2 very much depends on the personal code of ethics. After all, the job of a student is to understand things - being able to ask the right questions at the right places is actually a very important skill.

I think that the other answers do not quite answer the question that was asked. My answer is no, it is not cheating to turn in a homework assignment that cites a website like Math. This is assuming that you put quotation marks around any text that you copy; otherwise it could still be plagiarism. Of course it would be a good idea to ask the professor beforehand whether this is allowed, but failure to do so would not constitute cheating any more than attempting to turn in a homework assignment late without first determining whether this was allowed would constitute cheating.

As long as the student makes it clear that the homework uses outside sources or was turned in late, the professor has the choice to accept the homework or not according to his or her policy. However, it is still not something that the professor could reasonably report to the university administration as cheating, nor is it something that a reasonable university would consider to be cheating.

In both definitions, dishonesty is a crucial element and one which the OP has explicitly ruled out. In fact cheating, plagiarism, falsification of data, etc.

According to my understanding, this is not consider as cheating if student explore and search by the help of second tutor or professor. There are many websites offering the same services and provide your proper platform for online tutoring and homework help like udemy, tutorvista and StudentLance.

Asking for help on the internet may be considered cheating, depending on how much help you got versus how much of your own research you did. Not crediting help received on the internet may be considered even more unethical, verging on plagiarism. At the very least. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Would it be considered cheating to ask for homework help on the internet, if I openly acknowledge the help received?

AmadeusDrZaius 1 7. Is this a homework question for an ethics class? The only person who can answer this question is your instructor. IMO, we can all answer this question. Any given instructor may be an autocrat, but no class is a complete island unto itself.

Many of us are instructors and can speak to policy in general, and most of us probably have some opinion on the ethics of the matter, which may be the intent of the question, rather than to seek prognostication on the outcome of any personal attempt in any specific class. Yeah, editing to something like "Would it typically be considered cheating JeffE is right that, for an individual student who wants to know what counts as cheating on their specific assignment, the only valid answer comes from their instructor or course policy.

My personal policy is that I do not grade homework, so my students are encouraged to get and use help from whatever sources they like. Agreed about homework, but you cannot compare it with an exam. With homework you have at least in my classes one week to deal with it. If you are responsible, you would determine early whether you get it or not.

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