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50 Creative Resume Templates You Won't Believe are Microsoft Word

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❶The infographic resume uses a visual format to provide information about you and your experience.

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The Debbie Resume
When to Use a Creative Resume Format

Broadway-style font titles and circle backgrounds for date catch the eye. These resume templates highlight your sales and marketing abilities using creative ways to display professional achievements. The optimal utilization of space and clearly highlighted sections, allows this template to portray all the relevant information needed. Eye-catching skyscraper icon for the engineer, planner, or contractor. Soft gray header backgrounds and light blue fonts and arrows add to the sophisticated, city feel of this template.

Bright orange and blues make this sample pop along with the chevron-style banners. Open circles used for bulleted lists. Great style for teachers, service industry, and technicians. Impressive resume for job seekers with impressive skills. Use the square callout sections with dashed bar graphs to showcase your abilities.

Full page gray background makes the white sections pop. IT managers, programmers, and specialists sample. Large Awards section for with ribbon-type graphics for all your sales, teaching, or service honours.

Blue shading and white fonts add appeal with section for a profile picture. A creative resume featuring your professional portrait is great for everything from sales positions to acting jobs. Russet borders, section backgrounds and lines, and titles give a warm feeling with this sample.

Medium-sized profile picture outlined with russet circle. Three-column key skills area with filled-in circles to rate your expertises. Thick page border and section lines with a small, full frontal profile photo capture the attention.

Maroon colouring highlights key titles and strengths. Public speakers, proposal specialists, and sales managers shine in this sample. Highlighted column in blue bell background, round profile photo, and bold white fonts.

Spotlight key titles and descriptions with the blue bell font colour. Creative and expressive example for designers and social media experts. Large profile picture set in swooping blue background. Perfect template for realtor, branding specialist, interior designer, or entertainment professional. Orange colours brighten up this example. Bold, white section titles make each area stand out along with the red and white arrow graphs ranking your skills.

Health care, public relations, and event planners stand out here. Single colour header with your image prominently displayed. The slight angle of your picture adding a touch of informality to give this resume a friendlier feel. Full-length profile photo with orange headings and light gray titles. Functional-style resume for key competencies and qualifications. Perfect template for sales, marketing, health care, or fine arts. Large, full-colour profile picture to feature yourself with light-blue meters to showcase your strengths.

Three-column format offers plenty of room for detailed accomplishments. Icon images complete this exceptional sample. Interior designer, sales executive, realtor template. Large headshot with pink banner job title. Oversized skills area with bar meters separates the conventional information. This modern resume template has a decidedly American theme. Featuring the Statue of Liberty set against the iconic New York City skyline, this template is suited for professionals seeking extra attention for their location.

While New York City is highlighted here, you can change the skyline to create a different resume theme. In this three-column format, you can highlight your work experience, skills, and accomplishments. When applying for entry-level positions or changing careers, it is best to limit your resume to one page. Creative layouts in this category are designed to be presented on a single page.

Black and white icon images set in open blue circles connected with blue lines. Functional resume to list education and skills for school administrators, day-care workers, or new graduates. Lines and open circles with dots create frame your work experience in a timeline-like format. Green-coloured headings and bold font types complete the look. Main section with a white background set on a light beige page background. Blue section titles and bold titles. Great template for entry level, labor, retail, and service industry job seekers.

Concrete gray section with headers highlighted in auburn and white background set on a colourful rainbow-shaded ribbon for the page background. Fine arts, industrial, and architectural feel with this sample. Two-column layout with green and blue backgrounds and bold, white headings make this template a Sunday front page.

Make yourself the top story as a writer, architecture, systems manger, or public relations specialist. Bold modern layout with angled brackets in a header and a three-columned layout — great for creatives with little work experience. Looking at this resume the employer will have a strong expectation of the type of person who will be walking through the door.

Be prepared to meet that expectation. Perfect format for kindergarden, babysitting, daycare, schools. Full-page, three-column format with thin grid lines to section off areas.

Creative style for artistic, designer, or publishing professionals. Strong formal template with dark backgrounds and white and black font colours. Thick divider line separates two columns and metered bar images showcase qualifications. Banner-style process arrows for dates, point to experience descriptions punctuated with coffee circles and vertical lines.

One colour scheme but in different shades works well and the chequered pattern gives it a twist. Great format for a single-page resume. Dark and light grays provide a back drop for each section in this sample. Shadowed stars with colourful icons make your skills stand out. Analysts, programmers, and office staff benefit here.

Shadowed stars used to rank your expertise. Large orange and deep gray background shading with bold, white text add structure to the template.

Great for architecture, accountant, IT, and management. Two-page layout set in sky-blue page background and interjecting section headers with salmon colouring for key titles.

Lots of space for multiple sections and information. Template for teachers, communicators, and customer service. Another layout on a coloured background. Pick high-quality card stock to create professional high-end impression. Fancy format with geometrical shapes for original headings that really stand out. Not the best choice if you have a lot of text.

This resume shows what can be done using a grid layout with different colours. Notice how important the white space is between each section.

The colours used are also very subtle and contemporary. Sections divided with light and dark blue backgrounds with dashed grid lines with Experience shaded in white.

Technical and mechanical feel with this example. Mechanics, statisticians, or analysts well-served here. Outline headings offset in the margin with open circles around a blue dot connected with light blue lines help guide the reader. Serif fonts add to academic look. Large, blue-shaded circles for dates and titles quickly draw in the reader. Deep blue backgrounds with dashed white borderlines and gray page backdrop finish this bold look.

The shadow effect makes the headings into headlines. Shaded page with oblong, white rectangular main section and shadowed header make your key strengths stand out on the page in this example for managers, sales, and science job seekers. Here are 50 innovative, artistic Microsoft Word resume templates that can be customized with a variety of fonts, colors, and formatting changes. Hipster Resume CV Template is enhanced with colorful roses for a softer, feminine look.

Pandora features a colorful header, left sidebar and traditional layout. Stylish offers Deco geometrics and a dramatic header and layout. Essential Resume Collection offers 10 designs for a variety of industries, from medical to entertainment. Sawyer has a classic, no-frills, linear design that includes a choice of 90 social icons. In all of these resume templates, Word can be used with a huge variety of formats to create an attractive template that will make your resume stand out from the crowd -- and may help you land that job.

Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises. Imran Hossain Haha, who knew that resumes could look so nice while still remaining professional? And a creative resume, definitely goes long ways when it comes to potential jobs. The only place these will work is when you can be sure a human will be reading your resume.

Here is one more to the list https: These are really nice templates. Here some of modern and fresh resume templates by www. When contacted by a headhunter or smaller-sized prospect, however, many of these would work well.

As for the rest of us? Also great collection here: All designs are awesome.. Add to that the ATS comments above, and these are pretty but not practical.

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